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27 Apr

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Top Paying Jobs with No Degree

24 Apr

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Different Types Of Essay Writing

24 Mar

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7 Starbucks Breakfasts You Can Make Way Healthier at Home

08 Feb

We’ve all been there… you roll over in the morning, realize it’s waaay past your normal “I should be up by now” time, and run out the door without even tying your shoes. On mornings like these, it’s easy to pop by your local Starbucks (or DD or Panera) and get a quick bite to eat along with a much needed cup o’ joe. But with a little more preparation—and maybe one more alarm—you can enjoy a healthier version of those coffee shop breakfasts at home. Because really, who wants to pay $7 for something you could def make yourself for half the price?

We’ve rounded up our favorite copycat Starbucks recipes that are a cinch to make and that use better-for-you ingredients, so you can start your day off on a high note instead of a sugar crash. Prep them the night before and reheat in the a.m. or just assemble in the morning—none are overly complicated. It’s not quite as easy as hitting the drive-thru, but your wallet (and patience) will thank you.

How gorgeous do these meal-prep-friendly bistro boxes look?! Hard-boil some eggs, cut up carrots and celery, and add in a few slices of apple along with a tablespoon of your favorite nut butter. If you’re a fan of the original, you’ll recognize the Ozery Bakery Morning Rounds—they’re the same pita that comes in the OG box.

This Couple Proves It’s Way Easier To Lose Weight With a Partner in Crime

08 Feb

Last year, Lexi and Danny Reed turned date night on its head. Instead of heading to their favorite all-you-can-eat buffet, the married couple started cooking food at home. And rather than lounging and watching Netflix, they headed to the gym.

At one point, Lexi weighed 480 pounds, and Danny tipped the scales at 280. Together, they’ve lost more than 300 pounds and documented every step of the talk about some serious #couplegoals. Their story shows the power of having a workout buddy and someone to hold your hand on your healthy(ish) journey. Because we could all use a pep talk on those days when we don’t want to go to the gym and someone to commiserate with when we’re not feeing another salad.

Now that the Reeds are healthier, they can be more active. For their anniversary last weekend, they went go-karting and climbed the stairs to the top of a monumnet—two things they couldn’t do before.

Post baby bod advanced

08 Feb

-This is for mamas who have already built back their fitness levels post-baby. These are either graduates of the post baby bod program, or those with babies at least 9 months old (preferably a year), who are feeling strong and back in the game. This program was designed to safely take it to the next level with dedicated muscle group splits, intense cardio, and solid nutrition.

-For the nutrition aspect of the plan, I go into carb cycling, which is a popular dieting strategy and one I’ve followed on and off for years now. I DON’T like food to be a math project, so I do this is a simple way and base it off my training that day. I break everything down so you know how to carb cycle in your own routine, and also provide meal suggestions for the 12-week plan. All of the sample meals and carb cycling tips were approved by Kim McDevitt, a Registered Dietitian and contributor to this site.

-As far as the workouts go, they are more intense than the original plan and use gym equipment, like the TRX, barbells, battle ropes, and rowing machine. If you don’t have access to these tools, no worries at all. I provide modifications along the way.

-To go along with the release of this place, I’ve also created a closed Facebook group where you can ask me questions and check in with fellow #postbabybod mamas. I can’t wait to see you there!!

Thank you so much for supporting this site and for helping me spread the word about these plans I worked so hard to create. I’m so excited they’re finally here!

Find your digital fitness fit

08 Feb

The No. 1 most important thing you can do is find a routine you’re actually going to enjoy doing at home. Certain workouts (think equipment-heavy activities) won’t translate well. But the good news: It’s 2017, and thanks to technology, you have access to an endless amount of at-home exercise options.

Take a moment, think about what types of activities you enjoy, and then do some research. From fitness apps and websites (like this one, ahem) that transform your phone into a personal trainer to live stream videos that turn your living room into a fitness studio, there are plenty of ways to get guidance, motivation, and variety. With a little bit of internet research and soul-searching, you can easily find a fitness routine that will work for you.

“The key for me was finding something I loved doing,” says Megan Wakefield of Littleton, CO. “I don’t battle myself to do it because I want to do it, and I fully enjoy the process.”

Jogging (or walking)

08 Feb


cardio fitnessWhen it comes to cardio fitness, sometimes the most basic workouts are the best for improving your health. Jogging is a fantastic way to burn calories and improve your body’s cardiovascular fitness, improving almost all aspects of your health.

Best of all, it’s a form of cardio exercise that you can do anywhere. From your local park to a treadmill in your garage, all you need for a jogging workout is some open space, fresh air and a supportive pair of running shoes.

Like any form of cardio exercise, it’s best to start small when you make jogging part of your fitness routine. Start with a 15-minute jog around your local park or on your treadmill, then gradually increase your jogging time until it’s at least 30 minutes.

Once you can jog for 30 minutes comfortably, focus on improving your pace instead of extending your workout. Try to add a few hundred yards to you 30-minute jog on a monthly basis and you’ll soon be running at a serious pace.

Jogging is one of the most effective forms of cardio exercise for burning calories, but has some downsides. One of the biggest disadvantages of jogging is that it’s hard on your knees and ankles, particularly if you have flat feet or existing injuries.

Avoid the side effects of high-impact jogging and distance running by warming up well and, if you still seem to be affected by knee and ankle pain, walking instead of jogging whenever you exercise.

Would you like to make jogging part of your cardio fitness routine? Learn the right form for running to avoid injuries, feel better and improve your mile time with some training tips from Right Form Running.